Employees and the Idea of Running a Business


Many of us had never thought of running a business when we were younger. A few of us did.

The fact is that about 90 percent of the world’s population are employees and the remaining 10 percent are business owners. The amount of wealth that lies in each group, of course, is inversely proportional.

Grade school and secondary school has taught us all the basics about education. And when we reached college, it has taught us what we need to learn to specialize. Medical practitioners specialize in the area of dentistry, surgery, technology, etc. Programmers specialize in Java, C++, PHP, etc.

But what do we really specialize in? We specialize in being employed.

School has helped us prepare for a job, either to work for someone else’s company or be self-employed. But school did not teach us to run a business. And because many of us went to school to specialize, it is for this reason why many of us did not think of running a business.

The idea of running a business rarely crosses the mind of a person who thinks as an employee does. At times even when this person does think of business, the idea of going through a process of setting one up is too much a task to handle.

There are three groups of businesses: small, medium and large business. It is self-explanatory why large businesses need more planning, managing and maintenance than the other two.

But all the three have one thing in common involving the keeping of records, especially sales and accounting—they are being run with business software.
Even small businesses need some help with their records. Inventory and accounting in small businesses are being run with the help of small business softwares. The most important being the accounting business software. Forbes talks about the best small business cloud accounting software.

While a system like this takes the huge chunk of work out of the business owner’s desk, there’s still more to manage. And this is the part where people who think like employees give up on—the part where they don’t understand the prize of delayed gratification.

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