Graphics and Uniqueness

mac-ad What does it take to get your web system out to the market? And what does it take to attract customers; moreover, to attract your target market.

Today we talk about marketing campaigns.

Apple Inc. Apple’s first attempts of marketing campaigns were in the late 1970s.

Their ads did not attract as many users as it did in the 1990s when they launched the “Think Different” campaign. Marketing analysts argued that the success of Apple’s campaign in the 1990s lies solely on the reputation of the famous people they featured in the campaign.

Microsoft. Microsoft’s first recorded marketing campaign that had succeeded was in 1995. It was called a “Start Me Up” campaign. There are critics and analysts that stated that Microsoft’s campaigns during the 1908s have succeeded but were not recorded.

As obvious as it was, the 1970-1980 years were not really the best decade of computer and information technology. It was not the decade of advertising and marketing. And neither was it the years of digital information and artistry.

Your artistic juice is only as good as your generation. Ads were more on texts than on images. Graphic representations of ads were also not famous as well as video ads.

Two of the main reasons why marketing campaigns become successful are (1) graphics and (2) uniqueness.

Let’s deal with these two for a bit.

Graphics. Graphics include graphs, diagrams, illustrations, symbols, drawings, sketches, photographs and videos. But graphic design has evolved from pure black and white drawings to colored 3D. We even have 4D now.

Why is graphics important? The eyes always get the first look—not the brain. And the mind recalls images faster than texts.

Uniqueness. As we recall the success of both big software companies mentioned above, each has a very unique marketing campaign: Start Me Up and Think Different. Both of which resembled the companies vision and virtues.

Uniqueness at any point in time always gets the attention of the public. An excellent and unique campaign goes a long way.


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