The Power of Business Software


Business software is inevitable. The moment the first computer was open for selling to the public, software development was open for business. It wasn’t long until business tycoon found their way in business software development.

People did not pay so much attention to the first computers. Nor did some realize that one of the first automatic machines is the calculator. Yes, they always see calculators in math and accounting classes but they did not go so far as to think expansively about it: an automatic calculating machine is the first step to all other computational automation.

Brilliant minds think innovation. Business owners think expansion. We combine these two, we have a pair that’s hungry for business software, and anything else that gets the work done fast: word-processing programs, media-processing programs, etc.

The power of business software comes from the demand of its use, which is why it is inevitable. All big businesses run computer programs, all businesses need automation software.

Let us have a look at the in-demand business software for the past ten years.

Office Suite Software – Microsoft Office 2010 by Microsoft. The most famous word-processing program; used by everyone (who has computers, that is) from personal, small to medium businesses and big businesses. Because of the way individual sub-programs communicate to each other, move data from a spreadsheet to a word-processing program, and its ease of use, this officesuite is the most friendly office suite and a real time saver.

Anti-virus software. Let’s face it, we all need it. Anyone using the internet is always at risk acquiring a virus. This is most especially a must-have when running a business, whether small or big.

Accounting Management Software. Big businesses love this type of software. As the program automates accounting, it gives the business a big room for more work to be done on business development, etc.; and less on accounting resources.

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